March 29, 2017


Cute guy walks through tram. Cool clothes. Like that style. What's wrong with this one?

He sits and seconds later he's having a screaming match with "Christy" over the phone. 
Louder and swearier and more exasperated by the moment.
He tells her he's embarrassing himself, but doesn't stop yelling, just escalates. 
He alights, telling his estranged paramour that he's embarrassed himself too much, and walks over to scream in a churchyard into the little flat box pressed to his ear.

Made me realise how often I see men screaming, and often I catch women walking along crying. Separately. 
The men lash outwards, the women huddle their bodies in drips of quiet tears. 
I never understood the abandon of these people to show emotion so unguarded, until recently. 

These little phones can bring so much misery. 
Were we were more sad/angry before or after them?

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