January 23, 2017

Alien Muppet Friend

I think I just realised that most people are pretty weird and I'm good at making them all feel comfortable and normal, and the big difference is my weirdness is often not tolerated or accommodated by others. Most humans are not so good at placating or adapting. Either they don't know to or don't care to. Even laughing comments from friends of "You're a freak," or "You're a Muppet" are pretty insulting and show a resistance to adapt or make another person feel comfortable. Anyone who doesn't think or act like you is odd. Wrong. Weird. And I find that attitude weirder than anything. You can best challenge people's beliefs and behaviours when you meet them on a middle-ground first. How can you pull someone to your side of the line if you don't understand them? And how can you have friends like and trust you if you make them feel like an alien? It seems to me that those who default to that rigidness must secretly feel most alien of all.

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