April 13, 2017

Maiden or the Beast?

It came charging out of the mouth of the shop and lurched towards the heels of the pedestrians, not watching where it roamed and not caring. Its wheels were grey, lower body black, and the rest of it cascaded in tangles of blonde. A decrepid, motionless waterfall that shone with all the illusions of youth and health it did not possess.
This thing, in its entirety, was some sort of part-human concoction, but even removed from the mechanised vehicle, the person would, no doubt, still be classed part-human.

I could not see its face as it lumbered brusquely onto the footpath and barreled through the fair-paced stream of humanity - exposed with Achilles heels and skin and utilised body frames. It managed not to maim or mangle any ahead of it, and it surely would have been an irony for one so unaidedly immobile to immobilize someone else. 

Soon the sparkle of its miscongruent goldilocks was lost to the footpath ahead, and I was left not knowing if it was man, woman, one of the rare few that ticks the 'Other' box, or the kind that would just eat the pen instead. But Dave had seen the beast before, so I knew this wouldn't be my last chance, to glimpse, and try and understand, something that can't be understood.

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