April 26, 2017

Old News

It's so funny to me that at age 14 or so I wanted to be a newsreader. I don't watch the news now. I actively avoid it. I was like this antenna picking up 50 stations at once while the battery was already low, and when it all melted down, I turned down volumes, tuned things out, and now I try to create as much silence possible - a place of calm and unbias on which to add sound.
There is not a single thing more I can do about North Korea than worry, and because I'm so good at that I'm bad at it, it's better I don't know, and instead I can listen to Richard Fidler read his book on the Byzantine Empire. All history repeats anyway. Although Emperor Constantine ordered his son and wife executed by horrible means, so might be a few more years before we see those kinda madcap antics come swinging back.

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